Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Impact of a Breath of Culinary Fresh Air on Celebs

Anthony Worrall-Thompson, the celebrity chef whose restaurant empire almost collapsed in 2009, has admitted to shoplifting from my old Tesco just outside Henley.

What a breath of fresh air - he's held up his hands, admitted he was in the wrong, apologised to all concerned and had his rights banged up to whatever rights are banged up to these days. Not at all like the mealy-mouthed MPs and Lords who were caught with their hands in the till and tried to argue that what they did was not expressly forbidden.

Well done Mr Worrall-Thompson - you've gone up in my estimation. Let's hope a few more take a lead from your example. However, nicking Tesco cheese? No wonder he's made an undertaking to seek help with his affliction.

On the other scale of events, Beyonce has apparently given birth to a daughter. That news made my day - it's a fact I was waiting on tenterhooks to know. I sometimes feel my sad, pathetic existence is not fulfilled if I don't get my daily dose of the minutest domestic revelations of celebrities and their tawdry, self-absorbed lives. 

Ever noticed how many people are 'impacted' these days, rather than being simply affected by something, especially in public service? 


  1. Are you channelling New of the World now?

  2. I hate the incorrect (to my mind) use of impacted - I think it should by impacted by, or impacted on - Not just impacted - It does my bleedin' head in - Not to mention how it impacts Beybe Blue Ivy! I mean...