Sunday, 29 January 2012

Overheard in Aldi

The Chairman and Hayley are in the Aldi supermarket checkout. 

Hayley: “Can you quickly run and get one of those frozen turkey crowns – they’re excellent value and tasty?” 

3 minutes later. 

Chairman: “There aren’t any.” 

Hayley: “I don’t believe you.” 

Chairman: “Go and check yourself.” 

3 minutes later 

Chairman: “Told you so - you didn’t believe me.” 

Hayley: “Of course not!” 

Chairman: “Why?” 

Hayley: “Well, what do you expect after the prawn fiasco?”


  1. Bit of a Terry & June moment there, eh?
    (Mean that as a compliment)

  2. Once there's a prawn fiasco, everything you do is called into question.