Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Human Shields on Sepia Tuesday in Holland

The bishops are saying the coalition government must ensure that the proposed benefit cap doesn't put children into poverty. While I agree, methinks a small number of feckless parents who have never worked  hide behind a human shield of tens of children.

Following from Sunday's post (and Alan Burnett's suggestion that I might be joining Sepia Saturday), I've posted another photo received from my Dutch cousin in France.

This one shows me with (left to right) cousins Joopie, Nan (who sent me the photo and is the elder sister of Joop), Henny and my elder brother Jan. It must have been taken in around 1957, possibly in Vlaardingen (on the outskirts of Rotterdam).

Only one Dutch cousin is missing - the other Joopie, Henny's younger brother.

My brother was originally also called Joopie (the diminutive of Joop - short for Johannes), but on moving to the UK my mother changed it to his 2nd forename of Jan (after my dad), as the kids at school kept calling him Dopey Joopie.


  1. My goodness, that looks like a large human shield, sorry I mean a large family.
    And I expect one of these old family posts to be linked to this weeks Sepia Saturday. The theme is theatre - you must have some theatricals somewhere in the family.

  2. Small world! I used to live not too far from there when I was a kid, on the outskirts of the Hague.