Thursday, 5 January 2012

TESCO Rip-Off For Christ

70cl Gordon's gin £12; 100cl Gordon's gin £20.89 - go figure. I guess they must have a glut of the 70cl bottles and aren't cynically exploiting the public's usual and quite justified perception that buying larger amounts means it's cheaper per unit.

American politicians really give me a belly laugh. A Republican contender (don't ask me which - they all look like identical plastic dolls) in one of the recent count-off thingies, that seem to go on for at least 10 years before an election, publicly thanked God for his win and then went on to accuse Obama of trying to bring in European style social systems, whereby money is taken from some to give to others - namely from the rich and to the needy.

One wonders what his hero Jesus would have said. America must have the highest numbed of non-Christian Christians on earth.


  1. Do you know any "real" Christians CB, I certainly don't.

  2. Steve - not even Jesus was a Christian.

  3. Caveat emptor! (whether you want to apply that to the gin or to the American elections is up to you)