Thursday, 24 January 2013

Advertising Diets

Caught an advert for Cilip Bang, or some such dreary cleaning fluid, on TV last night. Wasn't it originally called Jiff? Much more memorable! The chap doing the advert was at pains to tell me his name is Barry Scott (or so Hay had to remind me at least twice thus far). Never heard of him, yet he seemed to think this important. Is he a celebrity advertiser? A political leader, perhaps? Had he been Terry Scott, or Scott of the Antarctic is would have meant something to me (as well as being a major miracle).

While writing this I decided to look the bugger up on t'internet and discovered he's not actually Barry Scott, but an actor called Neil Burgess. Has advertising gone mad when they feel the need to create a fictional character to become part of the brand? That said, I suppose there's essentially no difference between this and the fictional Bisto family or the Nescafe Gold romance.

For the last week I've been on the 2:5 diet (or is it 5:2?), stayed completely away from carbs and only eaten when actually hungry. Have lost 1.5 kilos already. Very impressed! Another 5 kilos or so and I'll be down to fighting trim.

Also rather proud I've not felt compelled to blog for a week. I guess I've been too absorbed with other matters and haven't felt strongly enough about things in general. However, one thing of note was a visit to No.5 Bistro in Bath for Hay's birthday. After our first visit in December I did a TripAdvisor review, which was generally effusive, but I did have reservations about the escargot. Well, blow me down! When we arrived last Sunday I was greeted by a free plate of esgargot on the house (and they tried to refuse a tip on 8 x 3 course meals - I wouldn't allow that, of course). Now that's what I call service and customer focus. If you're in the Bath area, give the place a try - French food at its best!

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  1. Hi Bill,
    More bad news, Ronald McDonald isn't real either.
    Cheers Richard