Friday, 18 January 2013

It Was Only a Matter of Time

It had to happen:

Took me ages to find the burgers in Tesco this morning. They were down by the carrots. 

Traces of Zebra have also been found in Tesco bar codes! 

Tesco burgers came out top in a survey conducted by Gallup. 

I think someone is sending me death threats. Woke up this morning with a Tesco burger on my pillow.

I've heard the meat balls Tesco are selling are the dogs bol#@*s.

Ask Tescos for vegetarian burgers - they'll tell you they only have Uniquorn! 

Strange, hamburgers is an anagram of Shergar Bum.  

Tesco burgers - the affordable way to get your daughter the pony she's always wanted! 

Had a burger in Tesco cafe today. Waitress asked if I wanted anything on my burger?..... I said I'll have a fiver each way.

Had a burger last night...think it was from Tesco as I've still got a bit between my teeth 

Just checked the burgers in my fridge, and they're off!

BBC News: investigators have discovered the horses were molested before being put in the burgers at Tesco Police are asking anyone who knew Jimmy Saddle to come forward.

I just hope Tesco doesn't get saddled with a lot of stock.

To eat or not to eat a Tesco burger, that is equestrian!


  1. Developing a new stand-up regime Bill?

  2. For the sake of fairness I think that you should point out to your readers that other supermarkets selling horse-meat are available to the discerning shopper.