Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Shouldn't Have Gone to SpecSavers for Rations

Had an eyesight test about a week ago and got my spare set of varifocals accordingly fitted with a new lens prescription.

Collected them from SpecSavers yesterday  morning and though they weren't quite right. Blokey said my eyes might need to adjust to them, which I thought a bit arse about face - specs are meant to compensate for bad eyesight, not eyes adjust to poor specs. Anyway, I let it pass.

Later in the day the situation hadn't rectified itself, soI tried putting them on upside down - could see perfectly! Suspect SpecSavers somehow managed to switch the prescription so my left lens got the right eye's prescription and vice versa. Taking them back today.

Some idiot doctors and health lobbies are saying fizzy drinks should be taxed higher than the 20% VAT because they can lead to obesity as part of a lard controlled diet. Why not tax anything with sugar - and carbs, while they're at it. In fact, tax anything that can be taken to excess. Bloody idiots - taxation is the usual blunt instrument solution to everything. I have a better idea, lets reintroduce rationing. Idiots!

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  1. Once again Bill you should be leading this country :-) It would be out of the mess it's in tomorrow.