Thursday, 31 January 2013

Enriching the Job

Following on from the government's brilliant plan to open the higher ranks of the police to suitable candidates from outside the traditional recruitment process, I have had a brilliant idea.

Let's bring senior businessmen into the NHS and fast-track them in 15 months to cardiac surgeons. That will do wonders for restoring confidence in the NHS and 'enrich your heart surgery experience'.

Just look at our PM and what a brilliant job he's done with no previous experience of running a country, or even a small dictatorship!

I see a US soldier has had a double arm transplant. I just hope the operation wasn't done by SpecSavers - I'm still convinced they had somehow managed to swap the prescriptions for my lenses on my varifocals (see yesterday's post), but they wouldn't admit it yesterday (yet they've booked me in for another eye test on Friday). Blokey who inspected the specs managed to break them while handling them - I think they must have fast-tracked a senior businessman into the recruitment process; either that of it was an attempt to destroy the evidence....

I learned yesterday that Christine Walkden, the One Show gardening expert, has never had botox. I simply can't believe it!

The 2:5 diet and associated abstinence from carbs is going well - I've shed 3kg since the 14th of January, and I haven't found it at all tough. Just another 5 kg to go and I'll be down to the weight I last was some 30 years ago (when in my 30s) and shall try to maintain that.

Question: vegetarians - do they invariably approach a restaurant with anxiety and leave with a feeling of hunger?


  1. You could get all the buggers who have been sacked from senior positions in banks for fiddling LIBOR and make them all Chief Constables. The world has gone practically mad, so it might as well go the whole hog. As far as ennui is concerned, there is only one thing worse and that is mouse poo.