Thursday, 17 January 2013

Marketing Food II & Gun Control

Horse meat contaminated burgers - where can I get some? I heard about this too late to comment yesterday.

The problem is the word 'contaminated' - yes I know the precise definition is something that shouldn't be there (and horse meat shouldn't be in beef burgers), but it's a very loaded word today and has an association with something bad. The truth is that the additives in burgers are a lot worse for you than horse meat. Additives are the true contaminants.

Can't really understand why people buy burgers anyway - you pay more for a pack of frozen burgers than you do for the equivalent raw steak mince, and the latter you only need to shape into a burger. Not exactly rocket science.

I'd have thought Tesco would have taken advantage of the situation by simply relabelling them as horse/beef burgers and saying they're more healthy than standard beef burgers. Given the choice of horse or beef, I'd go for horse - but I'm a continental wallah and we eat all manner of disgusting things, like steak tartare and raw herrings.

I hear Obama wants mental health checks on gun holders - that's a complete ban on gun ownership in the US then; all gun owners are a bullet short of a magazine, if you ask me. Can't see how mental health checks on parents who guns can stop their deranged 17 year-olds  from getting hold of them - but it's a start. Banning assault weapons will be much more effective.

If, as the NRA claim, the solution is to lock up the "nut jobs", then a good start would be locking away NRA members!

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  1. Once again you've got it spot on. Why would somebody eat Burgers? We had a barbie a few years ago and some asked us for burgers. When I put them on the barbie, the fat melted and the rest just dissolved and fell onto the charcoal. The DB knocked some up with mince, breadcrumbs, onions and an egg - went down a treat.

    As for the Gun Lobby what can you say when a spokesman says "...for a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a bigger gun..." the logic of the asylum!!