Thursday, 5 September 2013

Airport Security & Anti-Fraud

Was stood in line at the security in Milan's Malpensa Airport yesterday and the bloke in front of me must have spent 3 minutes intermittently taking things out of his pockets - take one thing out, wait a bit, remember something else to take out, think a bit, something else, etc, etc.

The bugger still managed to go through the electronic scan with his mobile and wallet still in his pockets and had to return. Some people just haven't got the sense they were born with.

Got to the airport after a 150 Euro taxi journey with an hour to spare before the flight departed, only to have my debit card transaction knocked back by Nat West's anti fraud procedure. By sheer luck I happened to have a couple of hundred Euros on me in cash. This always happens at the most inopportune times. I will have to get myself taken off their anti-fraud thing.

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  1. It's all right for you - imagine trying to go through them things when you have a digital transmitter bolted to your brain. "can you remove it" they say. "Not without a fully functioning operating suit and a team of surgeons", I reply