Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Europe & Taxi Drivers

I'm not sure whether I'm for being in Europe, or leaving it.

My pro European side tells me we should be in, if only to influence the drafting of some obscure EU rule on forcing the buggers to install tea and coffee making facilities in continental hotel rooms, which for some reason they no longer provide. It would be a civilising influence.

Not sure it you've experienced continental taxi drivers of late - especially Spanish ones - they seem to think it perfectly acceptable to drop you off in the general vicinity of your destination, even if that's several blocks away. I suspect this is greatly influenced by too great a reliance on satnavs - "If the satnav says it's here, then it's here."

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  1. Ha,, Try Italian taxis on Sardinia, 4 trips, 65 miles TOTAL 245 E
    Legal theft..