Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lesson in Marketing in Madrid Airport

On the way to Heathrow yesterday I was listening to an item on Radio 4 about Freeminers in the Forest of Dean. One old miner had created a visitor centre and was perplexed why not a single soul had visited it in 15 years. The interviewer conducted a survey of the area and suggested a dirty big sign at the entrance from the main road saying "Private" may have had something to do with it. Just a suspicion, mind you...

In Madrid today, Palma tomorrow, home Thursday. At least it's warm.

Madrid airport must win the prize as the airport with the worst signage in the world. Me and a herd of fellow travellers on the same flight spent about half an hour trying to find the exit. After a few circulatory perambulations we finally found the shuttle train to the main terminal from the gates, and I swear the journey was similar in time as going from Bristol Parkway to Swindon.

I detest Spanish TV - the buggers insist on dubbing everything, and the advert breaks are about half an hour long. No bloody mini-bar in my hotel room either, never mind about tea or coffee making facilities - dire!


  1. Oh Dear..... Italy however is perfect.. well ok not perfect but only for one night

  2. Try Barcelona....first catch your Terminal.

  3. Agree about Madrid, bloody miles to the exit from the gate; through all the shops (conveniently)