Thursday, 26 September 2013

This is Not a Pen

Doing my usual perambulations around Western Europe again (Holland and Italy this week), reading airline shopping catalogues.

This is not a pen. Or to paraphrase Magritte; "Ceci n'est pas un stylo."

It may have started out as a pen, indeed it may have been developed as a pen; however, it ceased being a mere pen when stupid people started paying vast amounts of money for it, at which point it transmogrified into a lifestyle statement, having the express intent of saying something meaningful about the person who wields it (usually something to do with their perceived social status).

To me it says; "Dick head for paying 320 Euros for something that shouldn't cost more than £20."

This, however, is something in an entirely different category.

It's what we experts call a "Gadget". Gadgets have a use (albeit that some are severely limited, like the iPhone, for example, which falls more into the previous category). This is a pen, but with infinitely more functionality than the aforementioned Mont Blanc, and at half the price, which is still a tad high - but that's the consequence of being an object of desire and appealing to Gadget-Man (being a technologically more sophisticated version of Homo Neanderthalensis, of which I happen to be a member).


  1. I spent £150 on a pen a few months ago, but I am safe from the accusation of dick-headedness as it can transmit what had been written via Wifi to my Evernote account. Gadgets of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your exclusivity.

  2. Alan, you were ripped off...
    US$75 buys one that does the same and also takes video and audio recordings but in a different format known as "live scribe" I suspect I fall into "dick headedness" category simply because 1. I associate with PvB and 2 I actually bought two of them.