Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hard Rock Comfy Jeans for Vapers in Ukraine

We were watching Led Zep, Deep Purple and Dio on Vintage TV last night.

Some of the tracks played were old but the televised performances were relatively recent. It was surprising that while the 60s style clothing was still evident on some of the band members (especially Deep Purple), the tight jeans had been exchanged for more comfy and voluminous ones. You could even call then "gentlemen's jeans".

I hear Los Angeles has banned e-cigarettes in public places. Earlier in the year the Welsh Health Minister said the Welsh government was looking at evidence in order to support a possible ban in Wales. Everyone knows that politicians take no notice whatsoever of evidence. They sift what evidence there is to support their preconceptions, ignore scientific advice and do whatever they think will give them votes. That's been verified time and time again.

Yesterday, Russian media leaked a phone discussion on the Ukrainian protests between EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. Paet claimed he'd been told by a Ukrainian doctor that both the Kiev protesters and members of the security forces had been shot by the same weapons, suggesting the snipers were in the pay of the Ukrainian Maidan party. This has gone viral among the conspiracy theorists.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, the doctor concerned told the Daily Telegraph she'd only seen the protester casualties, thus scotching the conspiracy theory - and strangely enough, the Russian media is not covering this story. The story is also at odds with TV footage showing the plan-clothes snipers peering out from behind security forces' riot shields.

Listening to Russian state media should come with a health warning.

Many commentators are also calling the US hypocrites over the Crimean situation, citing the US invasion of Panama, Iraq, etc., etc. However, while we don't tarnish Putin with Stalin's crimes (although his methods are strikingly similar in that he brooks no political opponents and jails them on trumped-up charges), you can't tarnish Obama with what the Bushes did when in power. You can only judge the current administration by its past actions. To do otherwise is to lose the plot.

And as for the Russian's calling the new Kiev administration fascist, well the words pot, kettle and black come to mind.

My blog seems to be gaining the attention of the Kremlin of late:

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