Friday, 28 March 2014

Time to Take the Lid Off

Screwed up enough courage yesterday to take the hardtop off the Merc and dust off the ragtop.

The problem was where to store the hardtop, as I have yet to build a garage for the house.

Problem solved by driving it into work and storing it in the warehouse for the summer among all the satellite systems!

Perversely, I think the hardtop looks better on the car than the ragtop, but best of all is no top.


  1. Are you not worried that when driving in working class areas, poor people will throw themselves under your car in order to get an insurance payout? I do recall an old aristocrat I knew in my youth telling me that such fears were to the forefront of his mind whenever he visited the north.

    1. Driving in working class areas - why on earth would I be doing that, Alan?