Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mid-Life Crisis

Hayley is having her mid-life crisis - she part exchanged her Golf TDi for this yesterday...

My preference was the car to the left of this one, which is exactly the same model, a year older (hence cheaper) but automatic and having a few less scratches on the interior. However, blue is not the ideal colour for a Merc.

Why, in the 21st century, anyone would actually want a car with a manual gearbox is beyond me. Haven't (willingly) driven a manual for over 12 years. All this nonsense about having better control is rot - how can you have more control when you haven't got both hands on the wheel and are busy waggling a stick around?

Conversation with the salesman:

Hay: "Is this 60k mileage genuine?"

Salesman: "Nah - we clocked it."

Having a background in sales and marketing, I advised Hay to accept nothing less than a direct swap, as the salesman would be making at least 2 grand on the exchange and could afford to drop £500 from the Merc. Nope - she settled for handing over £500, but did get the offer of 2 new tyres on the back of the SLK, which must run to £200 at least. She picks it up on Wednesday.

I have to say that the roof is a mechanical marvel - I wish they'd had these systems in my MGB days.

I'm off to get a sheepskin jacket, flat cap and white silk scarf.....

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  1. Never mind a sheepskin jacket and flat cap, get yourself a bus pass