Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Chairman for Gustator!

I've finished the book on Little and Old Sodbury and have moved on to another book by the same author (PA Couzens); Annals of a Borough - viz Chipping Sodbury.

In the 1200s any male reaching the age of 12 had to undergo Frankpledge, whereby he had to present himself and associate with 9 others, each of whom took an oath to be responsible for the good behaviour of the others. Not a bad idea, even for today.

Did you know that in the 1950s you could post an early letter in Chipping Sodbury for 1/2d and have it delivered to a friend in Old Sodbury the same day? Says so right here in the book. Damned country has gone to the dogs since then.

I want to stand for election as Gustator for Old Sodbury and Chipping Sodbury, the function of whom in the 1200s was to be responsible for the quality of the ale offered for sale in the town. Now the only way of determining that is obviously by tasting. I bet there was a long queue of candidates for the role of Gustator.

Might also apply for the role of looking after the ducking stool and pillory, as well as the provision of collar and rope for bull baiting.

Anyone know why Americans rub their chopsticks together before tucking in? Seems a bit senseless to me, unless it's ultra-caution in case of splinters, although I've never had - or known anyone else to have - a splinter from an unrubbed chopstick.

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  1. I don't know about Gloucestershire but I can confirm the tradition of amateur Gustation is alive and well here in Berkshire!