Friday, 7 March 2014

Vlad the Impaler

Scientists have unearthed what they believe to have been the largest ever predator to roam across Europe - the Vladimirus Putinicus...

Well, seems it's game over for the West and they're left looking foolish and with egg on their faces in the rush to appear to be "leaders". Putin has what he wants (including the Crimean Tartars - which could be a poisoned chalice) and the EU and NATO can be left with the rump of a basket economy - although I'd hazard a guess that Putin has some other ploy up his sleeve to claw back most of eastern Ukraine, if not the whole damned lot. OK - Crimea still has to be put to a referendum, but we all know about Russian "voting irregularities". What Putin wants, Putin gets. Gas will be his weapon of choice against NATO.

Putin has been a very naughty boy!

Just goes to show how the UK must become self-sufficient in energy, and the only way to do that at a reasonable cost is nuclear, with a sprinkling of sustainable to keep the Green clowns at bay, and where people don't complain about turbines or solar farms ruining their view or house prices. Russian money to build the nuclear stations would be ideal.

I wonder if Putin has designs on an independent Scotland?

One of the aims of the EU was to prevent another major European war through closer ties. Well, it has certainly achieved that - I doubt whether the EU nations could ever agree on a war against a common external aggressor due to perceived "economic consequences".


  1. Ah if you read your Jean Monnet, that final paragraph has a great deal of truth in it - the idea was the economic interdependence would make war between economically interdependent units far more difficult. Saty what you want, but it seems to be working so far.

    1. Very true - but it could make internal civil war the more likely, rather than external war.