Saturday, 4 November 2017

Juxtaposition of a Whip Word

I've recently heard people pronounce Brexit as Bregsit. When I was a kid I was taught to pronounce Xerxes as Gzerxees - this is a bit similar, although I use the Brexit pronunciation. How do you pronounce it?

Not sure if this unfortunate juxtaposition of news items on the BBC News website yesterday was accidental or on purpose...

All this stuff about sexual harassment claims being covered up in political parties has got me thinking. The original British version of House of Cards and the Jeffrey Archer political novels - in these, MPs' peccadillos and indiscretions are used by the unscrupulous to ensure loyalty and voting along party lines, usually through the party whips. I know these were works of fiction, but written by those with inside knowledge. Could it be that the reason past indiscretions never came to light was because they were collateral and the stock-in-trade of the whips?

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