Sunday, 5 November 2017

Senseless Rules Juxtaposed with Gideon's Organ

Hayley had a meeting scheduled in an hotel in London on Friday, but hadn't heard from the woman with whom she was meant to be meeting, so she called to hotel to check whether her contact was in fact there.

Hay: "Could you tell me whether Mrs XXX has checked in?"

Hotel Receptionist: "I'm afraid we can't give that information out."

Hay rings off and immediately calls again:

Hay: "Could you put me through to Mrs XXX's room?"

Hotel Receptionist: "Certainly."


Another juxtaposed BBC News story from Saturdy - again, wishful thinking or accident?

In a moment of ennui late Friday afternoon I watched an old police procedural film from 1958 called Gideon's Day, starring Jack Hawkins and Chief Inspector Gideon. Jack Hawkins was no older than 48 when the film was made and one of his co-stars, Howard Marion-Crawford, playing the Chief Constable, was no older than 44, yet both looked between 10 and 20 years older. Marion-Crawford was only 55 when he died in '69 but looked in his early 60s in the film. It strikes me that people in the 50s always looked and acted a lot older than they were . I suppose it was because they were never teenagers - they left school and went straight into their parents' clothes.

Gideon bought a fresh fish in the morning and left it in his office all day before taking it home for dinner, where it wasn't used anyway. I'm surprised everyone didn't die of food poisoning in those days, but there again it would have been cooked for hours, along with the vegetables, which would have been put on to boil the day before...

On another issue; if it's a choice between scientific experts who have studied climate change and the opinion of the Trump administration, I'll go with the scientists every time. Actually, if it's between the opinion of a village idiot and the opinion of the Trump administration.....

Hay's boss is over from Seattle and staying in a local hotel. We took her on a tour of the local sites yesterday, ending up in Old Sodbury church where, fortuitously, the organist was just finishing practicing. He very kindly gave us a demonstration of the organ before acceding to a request to perform the opening bars of Bach's Toccata and Fugue, which made my scalp prickle. He informed us that each church organ is different, as most are cobbled together from cannibalised, defunct organs, which makes playing one a bit of a challenge.

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  1. The Gideon film is a classic; it contains footage shot on location in Peter Jones' store in Chelsea which I instantly recognized first time I saw it in recent years.