Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Bit of Snow

As it transpired, my meeting in Glasgow had to be called off - my colleague who was flying into Heathrow from Antigua had her connecting flight to Glasgow cancelled due to the snow at LHR. On top of that, had I actually gone to Bristol airport I'd have discovered that my flight had been delayed to the extent that I'd never have made the meeting in time anyway. Everything now rescheduled for January.

Went out first thing this morning and, using the laser thermometer thingy, I got an outside temperature of between -13 and -16 degrees, depending on what I aimed the gun at. OK, not the same as air temperature, but indicative of how cold it was.

We never cleared up our apple windfalls this year, and after seeing how the birds have been feeding on them during this cold snap, I don't think we'll ever clear them up again. You can't really see them on this photo, but there are many tens of birds feeding on them. 

Had a few avalanches around the house too - from the solar PV and solar thermal panels.

Before and after photos.

I've determined that Hay is genetically incapable of sawing a slice off a loaf of bread without making the top edge thick and the bottom thin. Is this a female thing? I despair of the condition I'll find the loaf in after she's hacked off a slice.

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  1. Being unable to cut a loaf straight down is not a female thing at all. It is all to do with ones eyesight and can be blamed on having a-stigma in one eye.