Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Utrecht Palm

Overheard while watching Time Team:

Chairman: "The're conducting a dig in Utrecht."

Hay: "Is that Utrecht son of Utrecht?"

I thought that was quite witty of Hay.

Years ago, not sure how many, but it must be 4. I bought a small coconut palm from Lidl, not expecting it to survive for more than a few months and certainly not into the winter. Well, against all odds it thrived and grew into a huge palm with some 7 or 8 fronds.

A few weeks ago I decided to replant it due to it becoming constricted; however, I accidentally ripped one of the roots while trying to prise it loose. Since then it has been gradually dying, one frond after another shrivelling up.

I'm currently down to one not-too-healthy looking frond and a shoot. It may just survive.

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