Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas Shoes

We went to a 2nd hand shop yesterday (not a charity shop) and I spotted a pair of these:

I was immediately transported back to 1972 - mine were grey and maroon and hand made for me by a bloke Hong Kong in some back street.

We decided on a fake Christmas tree in the end - the local DIY emporium was doing rather good ones for £30, which was a £40 discount. Told Hay we could use the microwave for a good display - just thrown some cutlery in it and whack it on full power- you won't get a better display of lights.

It's funny how shops promote Christmas for months and then in the week before Christmas everything to do with it disappears overnight. Lidl is the worst - can't get Christmas stuff there for love nor money now.


  1. Last year I went out during the week before Christmas to buy tree lights only to be told that all the Christmas stock had been packed away. In the local garden centre the shelved were actually empty, rows of them.

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