Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Sea Trials for Nan

I do wish the media would refrain from criticising the fact of a gland leak on the new aircraft carrier. The whole purpose of sea trials is to test systems and then go back to dry-dock to fix anything that crops up. It's like a snag list on a new house - there are always bound to be a few things that require further attention, especially on something costing several billion pounds and comprising a few thousand subsystems manufactured by a host of different suppliers that have to integrate.

Hay told me yesterday that hospital medics call an elderly person who has suffered a fall a 'Nan Down'. Quite amusing, but not for the nan concerned.

Had occasion to  BT yesterday - both our phone and Hay's dad's next door won't ring when someone calls. Opted for the web 'chat' facility. The prompt kept telling me that I'd be attended to in one or two minutes and several seconds, the figure changing every minute or so. The problem was that it took 25 minutes before I was put in contact with someone in India, despite the prompt telling me it would be in under 2 minutes.

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