Sunday, 7 October 2018

BMW Remote Control

Last night we went out for a meal with a friend, meeting at her hotel a few miles from us on the A46, which is notorious for cars speeding and the site of numerous accidents. We were being approached by a line of three cars when the last car of the line, a BMW SUV, pulled out on our side of the road and started to accelerate toward us in an attempt to overtake the other two cars. We were in plain sight - it was daylight - and the manoeuvre was suicidal. Hay realised this and decelerated, but the BMW driver just kept accelerating thinking he (or she) could make it. Hay finally swerved left into the verge and the BMW narrowly missed us. BMWs are such nice cars, but why are so many idiots attracted to them?

Have you noticed that some drivers don't dip their headlights until after they've actually blinded you? It's as if they want you to know they've dipped their lights as a courtesy, and as a consequence they ensure you know by blinding you first.

Getting somewhere with the voice-activated remote TV control. I can now switch to a channel by saying the name of the channel, rather than having to remember which channel corresponds with one of a couple of hundred numbers. I can even say the name of a programme and it will return the channel with that programme currently on. Using the App I can even change channels and watch what's on the TV while away from home - Hay thought the TV was playing up when I did this from town yesterday. The only thing I can't do when away from home is to switch the TV on if it's already off, which is a bit of a bummer.

I wish I had voice-activated control of that BMW last night - it would have been in a ditch.

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