Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Boxer Rebellion

After some 40 years I have finally ditched boxer shorts underwear and embraced 21st century undergrments. I'm fed up of constantly having to tuck voluminous amounts of material into my trousers, having parts of my anatomy constantly trying to escape though a lack of confinement and my boxers transforming into a thong as they ride up.

As a gentleman ages and things hang further south than they did in one's youth, the risks associated with wearing boxers and shorts together increases the chances of inadvertently committing a crime when standing with one foot on a raised object or climbing stairs, and hence some form of containment is recommended, if not essential.

Yes - I am now converted to the aptly named 'sports trunk' style of men's foundation garment, having purchased 10 pairs from Lidl for under £12, as compared to a single pair of boxers for, invariably, the same price.

In our household it's called the Boxer Rebellion...

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