Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Climate Change Coffee

There was a survey on climate change by YouGov yesterday. 

My Nespresso coffee deal on the machine finished this month, so I'm free to buy my coffee pods where I want. Found an eBay supplier in Liverpool whose prices are half that of Nespresso for vanilla, caramel and chocolate flavoured coffee.

Received my first shipment yesterday and noted, to my consternation, that all the flavours are in pods of the same colour, so it's impossible to differentiate them out of the packet. I left the packets on the kitchen worktop and went out - but Hay came home shortly afterwards, earlier than expected. She'd been home for about an hour when I decided to message her with a warning not to tip them all in the coffee pod tin. Her response was that for the next week, at least, it would be coffee lucky dip.

In light of the YouGov survey above, I'll have to use fewer coffee pods, even though we recycle them. 

Potato - potatoes. Tomato - tomatoes. Torpedo - torpedoes. Hero - heroes.
Avocado - avocados. Pimiento - pimientos. Piano - pianos.