Saturday, 6 October 2018

Telly Tribulations

Bought a new telly this week as I'm having increasing difficulty reading any text on our old 32 inch model. Went for a 43 inch, and there is an improvement.

The new one comes with something called HD, which neither Hay nor myself are convinced is an improvement. The images have an ultra-real look about them - a bit like all the programmes were made in the Crossroads studio.

You can download an App to control the TV, which I decided not to use, but it keeps switching my Bluetooth on automatically, despite not using it. That will have to go.

It also has a separate voice-activated remote control, which I haven't a clue how to use, as there are no instructions - at least none I can find. Had a look on YouTube, but the Samsung videos gave only the most rudimentary information. No matter what I say, all the instructions have the same effect. Seems more like a solution looking for a problem to solve.

When it arrived, it came with 2 sets of instructions - Quick Installation and the Instruction Manual. From past experience, I've never had much truck with Quick Installation Guides, as you don't learn much about the products. It took about an hour and a YouTube video for No.2 Son and I to fix the bloody stand on to the TV, as there were no instructions on how to do it and there being no obvious indications that part of the stand slid off to reveal fixing holes. Reams of instructions for fixing it to a wall, but absolutely nothing about fixing the stand to it, other than a before and after image. An hour later I was firkling through all the accompanying bumf and had a butcher's at the Quick Installation Guide, and there was the instruction for attaching the stand....

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