Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday 16/03/09

Saw this unsupported statement yesterday:

I felt like putting a sign next to it saying that man made the Church, and it’s been evolving ever since, having split into a number of widely differing species.

Overheard in the Caravans’ house last night:

Perry: “I change my car oil regularly. Well, I don’t actually change it.”
Chairman: “Well what do you do then? Pray over it and hope for transubstantiation to take place?”

It was so nice yesterday that I did a first cut of the lawn. Hay’s mother decided to get the paintbrush out and do some touching up, but she got told off by Caravan for using the paint inside out; the light side of the paint should have been on the inside, not the outside.

The Chief Medical Officer for England, Sir Liam Donaldson, wants the government to set minimum prices for alcohol in order to combat binge drinking by poor people. I say poor people, as that is the only section of the population that would be affected. Ever since Saxon times we’ve have a proud tradition in this country of drinking to excess.

Residents of Ludford, who have been tending an area of land opposite their houses for over 20 years, are campaigning for it to be designated a village green. To qualify for village green status land must be used for a common pastime – in the case of the villagers, they cite gardening. However, a council lawyer said that gardening is a necessity, not a hobby. I’d like to see that opinion tested in court.


The Ice Bloggers said...

No comments yet? I'm waiting....

PS: loved the 'transubstantiation' funny

PPS:actually, man made god too.

Rosaria Williams said...

GArdening is a necessity, not a leisure activity? What about calling it a dog park/garden?

Rosaria Williams said...

You want to start a fight, you mention God, in any language, any form.
We are just hankering for a bit of Crusading, that's all.
How else to entertain all those bastards of dukes and counts who would be fussing in our back yard after a certain age, demanding something for their bloody red hair?

Carolina said...

Why don't they use the 'green' for communal binge drinking?

(Ref. your comment to my cat post: I tried to make them into fur coates, but they kept jumping off me ;-))

Does anybody know who created God?

Char said...

I'm thinking you've not heard the last from this post. (Loved your opening paragraph.)

Michael Perry said...

I would have thought that if God created Darwin at all he would have done it when Darwin was conceived, not when he was born. I mean sheesh, life begins at conception, right?