Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday 15/03/09

Earlier in the week there was a rather distasteful demonstration by a group of 20 or so Moslems against soldiers who had just returned from Iraq. Protesters held placards saying "Anglian soldiers go to hell" and "Butchers of Basra". David Davies, MP for Haltemprice and Howden, is tabling a motion to give personnel in uniform the same rights as people claiming protection from abuse under the Religious Hatred Bill. Listen to this radio interview with him and a Moslem demonstrator. A masterpiece of demolition logic on the part of Davies.

Have you noticed how all the supermarkets now have their own budget equivalents of Tesco’s Value range? Sainsbury has the Basics range and Morrison is also Value. Waitrose seems to be getting in on the action too with Essential Waitrose, however the John Lewis Partnership is keen to point out that Waitrose Essentials are not budget items (naturally). Whereas Essentials in most people’s shopping bag would include basic items such as bread, toilet paper, etc., Hay and I were wondering what Waitrose shoppers would consider to be Essential and came up with the following:

• Essential Olives
• Essential Brie
• Essential Chardonnay
• Essential Asparagus
• Essential Organic free-range venison sausages
• Essential Dried porcini mushrooms
• Essential Cut lilies
• Essential Pate de fois gras
• Essential Tofu

Saw this sign yesterday when we collected Hay’s new car. Spot the deliberate mistake.


The Irascible Fairy said...

This really follows on from yesterdays Blog!

In a democratic society one of the most important freedoms that we have is that of protest - we might not like or agree with the protesters but that does not meant that the fact of protest should be legislated away so that we can be more comfortable! And that is what Government is trying to do. It is - for instance - now illegal to protest within the environment of the Houses of Parliament and for quite an area outside.

And so David Davis was able - in English - to demolish the arguments of a Moslem protester - I'm not surprised - after all he is a trained debater and his performance could almost be seen as bullying. I also note that he, David Davis, introduced himself with a list of foolish right wing Christian anti Moslem nonsense which he then, having said it denied it.

I also note that David Davies suggested that the protesters should come down to Parliament to protest there - which would be illegal and then finished by talking loudly and over the top of his opponent

Richard x x

Chairman Bill said...

His point, as far as I understood it, was that the protester was all for denying the service personnel the same rights he enjoys.

The Irascible Fairy said...

If that is the case I don't think that he made it very well and - in any case - David Davies only won in the end by talking loudly and quickly over his opponent who the BBC kindly faded out!

Last year - at the London Gay Pride march - a group of right wing Christians took up a position that allowed them to scream and shout the most unpleasant abuse at the marchers and the people who had to file past them to Trafalgar Square. Gay men and women - being robust and out for a good time, laughed, waved, cheered and blew kisses at the Christians. I doubt that any gay man or woman was upset - although the Christians became apoplectic. (I also note that the Christians were allowed to break the law.)

Likewise I suspect that the soldiers who marched in Luton were not upset and were probably amused by their protest and protesters.

Richard x x x.

Chairman Bill said...

I beg to differ. I think he made the point very logically and showed the protester to be a hypocrite.

Lee said...

Definitely essential!

A bit bewildered about the The Fat Duck interpretation of quantum chemistry. Will need to sleep on it. Seems a little obscure food-chemistry connection! (Sorry to anyone else reading this - a side topic.)

The Ice Bloggers said...

I'm loving reading the comments on your blog, they're as entertaining as the posts - keep up the good work:)

The Irascible Fairy said...

ENTERTAINMENT! You have yet to see me tap dance!

Richard x x x

The Irascible Fairy said...

In fact - to go back to the Davis/Protester debate I think that it doesn't matter who "won" or who "lost. What does matter, and is terrifying, is that David Davies wants to pass yet another law to curtail and restrict our freedoms.

Richard x x x

Chairman Bill said...

Richard - I detected irony in his proposal.

The Irascible Fairy said...

You must have been looking bloody hard then - there was no irony that we could detect - the reaction of the modern Westminster politician is to ban stuff!

Richard and the Sky-whale x x x

Chairman Bill said...

Then what about his opposition to the Counter Terrorism Bill and extending the limit on the period of detention of terror suspects without charge?

I thought he was extremely ironic - as per his lambasting of Islam as backward and homophobic, and then denying (tongue very much in cheek) that this was his view.

Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, Ah! I finally caught up with you, on the Ides of March too!

How lovely to discuss democratic rights versus the right of an administration to quell protest. If you've been in school at all, you experienced many injustices. The rest of our time on Earth will then be spent making sure those injustices are kept at bay.

(spelling error on sign:
OPERATION SPELLED WITH ONE p. Perhaps THERE ARE more errors, BUT NOT OBVIOUS ONES) Did you know that I still can't find the spellcheck function for the comments?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

There doesn't appear to be a spellcheck function - I pride myself on being able to spell pretty well, (and abhor misspelled signposting!), but sometimes rushing at things, I can make the odd faux pas, and then not notice it until after publishing - It does my head in!

Please sir, may we possibly acquire a clip of the bold and brave Ricardo tap-dancing?!

His public demands it! (xox - This is for Richard, bytheway, not TC, of course!)

Chairman Bill said...

I've never seen a spell-check on Blogger. Wish to hell there was, as I'm an expert at the occasional topy.

The Irascible Fairy said...

If you are using Firefox then you can ad an English Dictionary - actually you can add a Polish one if you want - anyway when you type inside a box it will spell check

Richard x x x