Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday 01/03/09

Heard Hay come out with a good expression yesterday; a check-up from the neck up – meaning a psychiatric assessment. Never heard of that one before.

We’ve had a communiqué from the architect to the effect that we may get the new planning application accepted with very little in the way of change. I get the distinct impression that regulations are interpreted in a somewhat cavalier and arbitrary manner. The highways person on the planning committee apparently went ballistic over the new application, despite the fact that the access arrangements are now 200% better than on the original planning application, which was approved without needing any change. This was pointed out to the highways person by someone else on the planning committee, resulting in the highways person immediately backing down. Could it be intoxication with power that results in arbitrary interpretation?

We’re going to have to install a water meter in the barn, so we’ve decided that in the interests of saving water we will use a chemical loo and take the effluent to work with us in the mornings for disposal. Well, at least I thought it a good idea, even if Hay didn’t.

We’ve developed a new past-time – going to the local shopping centre in Yate to see if we can spot which chain has closed since the previous week.

I really wish I knew what process took place in the heads of women when looking at clothes. I can go into a shop, look at a rack of clothes and determine within a coupe of seconds whether there’s anything there that I consider requires further investigation. The process invariably starts with a visual sort by size, followed by colour and finally style. Women, on the other hand, seem to start with …… well, I simply don’t know, except that it takes half an hour to determine there’s nothing on a rack of no more than say 20 items that is worth buying.

Seems the locals around here have redefined the hour.

An hour is now officially a full day in Chipping Sodbury.

U2 did an impromptu gig on top of Broadcasting House in London on Friday evening. Hay was wondering if we could get them to do one on top of the caravan.


Jinksy said...

Think the all day happy hour may catch on...

Chairman Bill said...


They must be on mind altering substances.

Carolina said...

Our happy day usually lasts an hour (?)
Maybe I need a check-up from the neck-up! Lovely expression, we will be keeping that in our vocabulary. A good friend of ours is a psychiatrist, maybe it's a nice slogan for her ;-)

Carolina said...

Back again: just to say that I'm a s l o w r e a d e r, but I've obviously caught up with you now, phew! ;-)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I think it's very interesting what you have to say about planners - More of a matter of who, rather than what you know, it seems to me, in some town councils these days - And probably how hefty your 'bung' is, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Greetings T.C.

Your comments about local council planners rang lots of bells. We had some friends in Cornwall who submitted their plans four times, and each time it was turned down by just one officer. After the last appeal, our friends were told that things would be much easier to get passed if they were to make a donation to the council for street-lighting along the stretch of road that their access used!!! They emigrated instead.

On the subject of water-meters etc. Have you thought about one of these rain-collection devices that collect the rain-water, filter it, and then use it for flushing the loo? From what I understand, they pay for themselves in about 4 years if you have a water-meter.

Good luck with the application.

The Spiv


Have you thought about lifting the barge and planting it in the garden if it doesn't sell? Surely you would get away without planning permission for that - and you'd feel right at home and save a fortune at the same time! Mind you, from reading your blog, it would seem that Hay might have something to say about that....