Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Footballing Mataphors for Sgt. Dixon's Marbles

I am welcoming footballing metaphors for Jack Warner's neat side-step and body-swerve of corruption allegations. However, I never imagined that the avuncular actor who played Dixon of Dock Green would ever face such scurrilous charges - it's like hearing Fruity Metcalf has buggered the bursar - inconceivable! I just hope someone goes ahead and presses charges in a civil action to test the allegations and Warner's claims of (alleged) innocence.

Do you think the Greeks will give up their claim on the Elgin Marbles in return for a loan? No, I don't think so either.

I am banningugly people from reading my blog. I can't police it though - for example, you're looking at it now.

The nights are drawing in again - and about time too!

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Steve Borthwick said...

NATO should quit Libya and start bombing FIFA HQ, regime change is long overdue. By the looks of the TV images I agree, the Greeks have certainly lost their marbles!