Saturday, 18 June 2011

Olympian Golf

Apparently another 2.3 million Olympic tickets are going on sale. Where the hell have they materialised from then? Did only 3 people buy the last lot?

Bought a new car yesterday - well, when I say new I mean 10 years old, but new for me. Decided that paying £33 in fuel to get to my office and back every day is a bit much, so the decision was taken to divest myself of the Merc and buy something more economical. Added to which, the Merc's electrics have a habit of going squonk every now and again - would never buy another Merc, they're nowhere as good as Volvos, either in terms of reliability or bodywork.

While going to look at a couple of likely candidates I was almost seduced by a Volvo S80, a Volvo V70 and a Volvo C70 - I even had a little flirt with a Jaguar XKR at £6k, but common sense took over at the last minute. Sad, as a tidy 10 year-old XKR is currently cheap as chips (between £5k and £7k) and will be a classic to rival the E-Type one day - if petrol is still available to power cars in the future.

My head was finally attracted to a 2001 5 door Golf TDi auto, one of the rarer TDi Golfs and capable of making my journey to and from work more affordable.

I know automatics burn more fuel than manual cars (and I'm not totally sure why), but I cannot for the life of me understand why 21st century people actually choose to drive cars with manual gearboxes - they're positively antediluvian.

Talking of Golfs, is golf an Olympic sport?

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Anonymous said...

My business was once located in a wealthy part of the city and quite a few people drove Jags. I noticed that rich people who owned them never drove them except when it was good weather. I mentioned this to a client who owned one and she said, "I only drive my Jag when it's sunny. I drive my Buick when it's raining." When I was out and about on a sunny day, I'd come into the office and say "It's a 5 Jaguar day!" - Charlene