Friday, 7 May 2021


The UK government is proposing to create a number of Freeports in Britain, maintaining this is only possible because we're out of the EU. This is patently false and yet another lie, as there are 80 Freeports within the EU, mainly in the poorer and more corrupt countries - and there's a reason for this.

One of the largest investors in Freeports is a Swiss art dealer called Yves Bouvier, who has interests in the Freeports of Geneva, Singapore and Luxembourg. He is also under investigation for owing over 100 million Euros in taxes.

Freeports are perfect vehicles for tax evasion when dealing with high value luxury items and for money laundering. It's more likely that they result in merely drawing investment from surrounding areas than adding to the total economy, so one wonders whet's behind the government's love affair with them, if not for assisting wealthy individuals to avoid tax.

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