Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Balloon Alley & Oak Trusses

Had two of the buggers buzz us last night and come down in the common just the other side of our hedge. It's a regular occurrence this time of year. They were filled with Japanese tourists.

The oak roof trusses are coming along nicely:

Got made redundant yesterday - that opens up a whole new load of opportunities for me and another phase of my life. It could have happened at a better time though.

Mum has been hospitalised due to her seemingly having given up on life and not eating. She's being rehydrated with a drip and once that's done she will return to the nursing home - ostensibly to die.


  1. Everything happens at once! Still, as you say the timing is probably okay as it is certainly a good idea to be there to supevise the builders! My brother caught his ones just about to demolish a supporting wall that would have brought down the entire building!

  2. Sorry to hear this CB, kamikaze balloons, redundancy, joinery and ailing parents, not a combination you see often in a single post!

    More time for creative writing perhaps?

  3. Hello there,
    I am sorry to hear of your redundancy. I have been made redundant 4 times in my career, I am an engineer and always worked in development and they are normally the first to fall. On the positive side, I have been lucky and each time I have managed to get a better position so I wish you the best of luck.

    With regards to your mum I can offer no words. My parents had me late in life (they were both 45) so I was relatively young when I lost them, my mother to a series of strokes and my father to dementure. All I will say is that sometimes the body know when to give up.

    On a more positive note: The joinery looks good. You must be building a really great house.



  4. Chairman, there's never a good time, is there?! I am under threat of redundancy - Basically the Posh Boys are going to shut my office network, but won't say so until late October - Barstewards all round!

    So sorry to hear all your news, and I know you will find something better in the place of this job, given all your magnificent strengths, skills and sheer wit! Take care of you and family... x