Thursday, 9 September 2010

Boy Shed & House

Apparently there’s a north / south divide in the UK concerning problem drinking; People in the north drink a lot and the people in the south think it’s a problem.

Well, the Boy Shed is finished and he moved in at the weekend. He adores it! Bedroom, den and shed combined, with easy access to the caravan through the window at the back, which is hermetically bonded to one of the caravan's windows (glass removed).

The house is coming on a treat too, but it does somewhat resemble HMP Maze.


  1. I have a picture of our looking very similar! It as exiting time when you see the house growing from the ground! Your builders look tidy!

  2. That Boy Shed looks tempting. I suspect my Boy might put me in one of these when he eventually makes use of that Power of Attourney he tricked me into signing.

  3. He looks happy enough, great job.