Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brilliant Comrade

I’m thinking of appointing my 12 year-old son, The Brilliant Comrade, as a neurosurgeon in the Democratic Republic of North Old Sodbury’s cottage hospital. By North Korean standards he has all the necessary qualifications and Our Dear Leader, Hayley, agrees with me.


  1. *snort* *cough* *choke* Damn, coffee went everywhere!


  2. Don't know why we all laugh, haven't we dome all this familial rubbish for years. Look at Charley with his chest full of medals at Royal parades. And in America there was the Kennedys and the Bushes. Not to mention Brilliant Comrade Ed Milliband who has just been moved above the former Great Leader in waiting David in the order of precedence.

  3. I wonder if Kim-jong-il is still going to be in charge of stuff when he's dead, like his dad still is?

    As Hitchens often says, N. Korea is the only true Necrocracy :)