Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Last Squeeze

Remember those wonderful toothpaste tubes or yore, the ones you rolled up and probably contained voluminous quantities of hideously toxic base metals? Wonderful, weren’t they? You could squeeze out every last smear of toothpaste.

These new plastic jobbies spring back into shape the instant you let go of them, resulting is good 5 minute wrestle to get the last drop out the next time you use them.



  1. Even worse, we've found that the plastic ones split around the top if any force is applied to remove the goo everywhere. The leaking goo ultimately goes hard, which leaves a sticky hard mess all over your hand, sink, toothbrush etc. It's easier to just chuck the bloody tube and start again.

  2. Use the ones made from hard plastic that have the little plunger on the top, no mess and no possibility that your kids can squeeze them from halfway ..! (grrr)