Tuesday, 14 September 2010


On the way to work I was listening to an item on the radio concerning Wayne Rooney and his wayward love life. John Humphries was quoting a newspaper headline which called Rooney a love-rat. Humphries commented that there must be a by-law dictating that Rooney had to be called a love-rat in any press story.

I was under the impression it was de rigueur to call him Gollum.


  1. "spud" in deference to his potato-like head is acceptable too I hear.

  2. Rooney's accepted nickname is Shrek for obvious reasons. By sheer coincidence Gollum is the name bestowed on Rooney's initial mentor Dignity Dave aka David Moyes

  3. Anon: I prefer Gollum - he looks more like Golum to me than Shrek. There again, it's totally subjective.