Thursday, 16 September 2010

Road Rage & Idiots

I was driving along the M5 yesterday at 50 mph, as I was early for a meeting and didn’t wish to arrive early.

A lorry was behind me and kept flashing me. I ignored it as the road was open and clear and the driver could easily have overtaken me with no trouble at all. It wasn’t even a very large lorry.

He then sped up and came parallel to me, honked his horn several times and then proceeded to cut me up such that I had to slow down before he hit me.

I consider this kind of behaviour rather stupid when you have the name of the company you drive for emblazoned across the back of your lorry.

Needless to say I later phoned the company concerned and lodged a complaint about their driver, which was taken very seriously.


  1. Do you not think it dignifies bad behaviour to dub it "road rage"? Rude drivers with anger management problems aren't suffering from a condition, they are just inconsiderate louts.

    Just my tuppence worth. :)

  2. I am really sorry but I am one of those people that turns into a ball of rage behind the wheel but I have no idea what the supreme pool tables guy's problem was at least he didn't give you the customary hand signals.