Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Positively Tropical

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has been caught articulating what every bugger in the country would like to do to Rupert Murdoch. The only thing he didn’t say, and which we would all like him to, was that he was going to kick Murdoch where it hurts.

At least the Royal Institution Christmas lectures have returned to the BBC – albeit on a channel called BBC 4 and at 8pm. I used to look forward to settling down with the kids at lunchtime every day over the holiday period and watching the lectures – one of the few programmes on TV that teaches kids anything useful.

Getting heartily fed up with the constant diet of insuperably inane reality TV programmes comprising some dullard doing his or her crushingly boring job, a bunch of B-list celebs competing at seeing who can make the biggest idiot of themselves or a load of fame-hungry psychopaths vying for a 3 month pop career. I’m firmly of the opinion that it won’t be long before prime time TV consists of live footage from a CCTV camera outside a pub somewhere in Ilford.

Why has TV sunk this low? TV executives obviously have a very low opinion of their viewing audiences’ level of intelligence; well, either that or the vast majority of the viewing audience indeed has the intellectual capacity of a piece of toast.

Still can’t understand the furore over the weather. It’s positively tropical here in St Ives – and here are the photos from yesterday to prove it:


  1. Do you have contacts in high places? Take a look at my blog to see some real weather! Totally agree about the TV!
    Have a good Christmas!...CG

  2. re. Christmas lectures, agreed.

    Although to improve ratings I hear this year they're inviting celebrities you've never heard of to appear in the breaks between experiments. They'll be naked, chained to wild animals and forced to eat their own faeces against the clock... for charity of course..

  3. TV is awful because there are no writers anymore. Ego, unions and pay rates made them demand too much and producers got rid of them. Now we have to live with the consequences. I vote that you write a new sitcom, that isn't a bad cop drama. Your blog is certainly witty.