Saturday, 18 December 2010

Trout Mask Replica - But is it Art?

Off to the internet wilderness at about nine o'clock. Hope we make it. M5 seems pretty clear and the A30 has only a few incidents.

Captain Beefheart is no more.

It's strange how in the art of making music there are limits to which one can go and still call it music. Not so in the art of drawing, where it seems anything goes and the limits are boundless.

Why do you think that is?

See you in about 10 days - unless I find an internet connection in St Ives.


  1. RIP Don Van Vliet - one of the favourite artistes that used to be heard in Sproggy Pratt's & my study in Maintop (even though I was actually in Fxl)
    Havea good Christmas!

  2. Have a good holiday. Find an internet connection and let us know how the south-west is.