Friday, 31 December 2010

Surrogate Track Suits

There’s something about the Elton John and David Furnish surrogate baby story that I find extremely distasteful.

Perhaps it’s the offensive picture of an elderly, paunchy man with a hair transplant dressed in a track suit – especially when wearing black shoes. Obviously he’s just given up caring how he looks.

There’s another aspect to this that’s disturbing; Sir Elton (at 63) is eminently young enough to be a father, but David (at 48) is obviously too old to be a mother. It just ain’t natural.

Got the 2nd refund from eBay for the other APad I bought but was never dispatched. Not sure how they will get the cash back from the absconding Glaswegian seller, but that’s their problem. The seller had an unblemished 3 year record of voluminous sales of trinkets, but I suspect his recent entry into the APad market was a tad too much for him and he must have had a few recalls. Ended up paying substantially more and obtaining one from Maplins. The lesson about buying electronics via ebay has been well learned.


  1. God, that bloody tracksuit....that was the first response I had too, "Hopefully the baby gets David's genes, cos the father is an ugly sack of $&*# " Seriously....what is wrong with that man?? All that money and he dresses in THAT? Forget discussions of the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality: his only crime is that bloody tracksuit.

  2. That photo is a bit of a shock to the system, even in the afternoon. Please post a warning in future.