Sunday, 25 December 2011

All that Glisters

You know those reclining chairs that are always being advertised on TV for people with bad backs? Why do the manufacturers insist on covering them in fabrics that are so hideous you can only find them on market stalls?  

I see Prince Philip decided to stay in hospital rather than gathering with that viper’s nest, lovingly referred to as the bosom of the family. Can’t say I blame him – I’d rather be in a private room with my every whim being catered for – oh, hang on, doesn’t he get that anyway wherever he is? 

The Pope, resplendent in his glittering, bejeweled, red and cream, rhinestone-encrusted robes, complained last night about all the Christmas glitter. If the Roman Catholic church is known for one thing (other than systematic child abuse and its support for totalitarianism), it’s camp glitter and overbearing pomp.

In his Christmas sermon, the Archbishop of Cadbury will lament the abuse of trust. Perhaps he was talking about the Catholic church.

I wonder when the supermarket bosses are going to come out with Christmas sermons berating the church’s over-spiritualisation of Christmas and its incessant focus on non-existent folk magic. 

I seriously think it's about time that the mid-winter festival got back to its roots - a celebration centred on community, feasting and the giving of presents to lift our spirits and gird us for the remaining few dark months till spring arrives once more.

Off to buy myself a wassail.


  1. Popes, princes and arch bishops, a veritable hypocrites corner you have going on today CB, did you run out of quality street already?

    We're wondering, is the sudden concern about darkness due to the new solar panels? ;)

  2. After Constantine's adoption of Christianity as the Official religion of Rome, it continued it's practice of taking local gods and adapting them to suit. That peed-off the Jesus followers, but it did allow the continuation of the Empire through the Church of Rome.

    So back to our roots and celebrate the coming new season, and for the veggies amongst us Wines and beers are only perfectly processed vegetation.

  3. Mike, for the veggies amongst us - look out for all the wine and beers that are most perfectly processed by being fined with gelatine and sturgeon's stomach!

  4. I am holy with you on the return to a mid-winter festival - Just enjoying mine with my family - I so agree - My very best to you and yours x