Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Unstable, Alcoholic, Married Women

You know how women, even if they're incredibly tall, all have smaller feet than the equivalent sized man? Well, I was arguing with Hay (who is 6 feet tall and a size 6) that this must make then inherently unstable.

Hay replied that women have a lower centre of gravity than men and this must surely compensate for the instability.

What's your opinion?

I see Cameron is intent on injecting some quantitative easing into the divorce courts by encouraging happily unmarried couples to put pecuniary advantage to the fore through tax incentives if they marry. What a silly man! Everyone knows the divorce courts are rife with married couples and that unmarried couples never divorce.

Talking of statistics; it is said that 25% of all road accidents involve alcohol. That must logically mean that 75% must involve water, tea, coffee or soft drinks. A sobering thought in this festive season!

The builders have been busy for the last week putting the electrics in the house. Within the next couple of days we're expecting delivery of some 4kWs of solar PV panels and the makings of the under floor heating system. The builder swears we'll be able to move in within 3 months, albeit into an unfinished house, but I doubt it somehow. I'm bargaining on another year in the caravan.


  1. I don't see how women have a lower CofG than men. Ok some have bigger backsides but surely this is offset by breasts which are high up on the structure. And if you take into account high heals this must surely raise the CofG and reduce the base making them even more unstable.


  2. Men have bigger heads. Big butts and breasts aside women still have lower CofG because they don't have big heads. Women not having big heads also leads to lower self esteem which contributes to lower CofG and not even high heels are enough to compensate although there are a lot of women trying that approach.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. Women may well have a lower centre of gravity when stationary, but since corsetry went out of favour one must not ignore the effects of free surface area.
    Re' feet size. It's an evolution thing of course. It enables women to stand closer to the kitchen sink.