Sunday, 11 December 2011

Installation Pudding

Installing a printer driver used to take a few second; now it's a whole afternoon. Why is this? Are programmers becoming a tad cavalier with the exponential increase in disk capacity and lax in tight programming?

Touts are being vilified for buying Heston Blumenthal's Xmas puddings in bulk from Waitrose and selling them on t'internet for £200 odd. I'd call them entrepreneurs for spotting a gap in the market and selling them to sad people obsessed with celebrity culture. Anyone who is willing to pay £200 for a pudding that costs £13 in Waitrose needs their bumps read - in fact anyone who is willing to pay £13 for a pudding is a tad deranged.

That being said, it could also be said that the touts are preying on the feeble minded.


  1. I don't even like Christmas pudding. I will be having a chocolate muffin instead.

    Still haven't forgiven Heston for what he did to the Little Chef at Popham. And NEVER WILL.

  2. Installing drivers used to take days (aka DLL Hell!) Then with the advent of the t'internet it got progressively better, these days you normally don't need to install anything since most common drivers are installed with Windows itself - you must have an unusual combination over there CB?

  3. Steve: Windows 7, brand new HP and a disk - about 20 minutes.

  4. The idea of that pudding, since I heard of it last year, is monstrous to me! As is that obsession with celebrity...

    Thanks for the art therapy suggestion, Sir, I am leaning towards using creative methods with some clients, for sure!

    My best to you and yours!