Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Automotive Life in the Cotswolds

The aftermath of Boxing Day at the local roundabout. Obviously someone decided to have a bit of a race along the dual carriageway.

This chap obviously didn't consult the dictionary before advertising his chimney wares on his van.

Heard someone on the radio just now say that risk has become a 4 letter word for business. As far as I know, it has always been a 4 letter word. A bit like Flus - whatever that may be.


  1. Flus - a plural of influenza perhaps? Maybe this person installs illnesses rather than chimneys. Find him in the yellow pages under Biological Terrorist.

  2. Flus 4 U - an example of viral advertising?

  3. Was this how Edward Jenner got started?

  4. looks like it's working for them and good luck to them too!