Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Touch of Glass

Nipping up to Leigh in Lancs on Saturday with a hire van to collect a rather nice, refurbished, 1930s chandelier we bought on eBay for an absolute song. We thought we'd buy it to fill the depressive and aching black void left behind by the absence of wall-to-wall Olympic TV coverage....

It will look quite spectacular hanging from the oak ridge beam in the bedroom. Just a bit annoyed we never thought of putting electric cables in beforehand during the first fix, but how were we to know we'd be hanging a bloody crystal chandelier from the rafters of the bedroom? Will probably end up with twisted-pair wires snaking up the ceiling and pull-rope resembling an old-style toilet flush switch to give it a look of age (as if). Will cake the wires in layers of scuffed and distressed paint to reinforce the effect of it having been there for decades.

It's funny how a centre-piece showing controlled opulence and self-assured elegance can make the rest of one's shoddy, cheap, tat look half decent by nothing more complex than association.

Nice bit of bric-a-brac, ain't it?

Thought we'd make a day of it and have lunch in the area while collecting the item. Looked on Trip Advisor for a suitable eatery in Leigh and found only 1 with any reviews - a Nando's..... says it all, really. Their idea of a good day out is probably visiting the local IKEA or some dreary clog factory and watching a whippet race in the afternoon.

Don't think we'll hang around but head straight back to the heady civilisation, bright lights and decent grub of the Cotswolds. But there again, Hay abhors the glare of the media spotlight here. Seems everyone who is anyone is buying property in the area - the bastards!

Wish me luck - just hope I don't do a Fools and Horses on Saturday.


  1. Very nice.. Didn't Mrs.Bucket have one of them?

    1. George - you surely mean Mrs Bouquet?