Friday, 10 August 2012

Swift, er, Justice for Sport

The Chinese seem to be able to conduct a murder trial within a day, 7 hours in fact, whereas it takes us several years and several million pounds of public money. Can we learn something from the Chinese example? Perhaps we should announce the verdict before the trial - wouldn't that save an enormous amount of time and money?

Now the Olympics are drawing to a close, questions are being asked about how we can get kids into sport. Well, if my elder son is a typical example, then the answer is at gunpoint.

Was watching the Olympic Taekwondo bouts on TV yesterday; it looks like the worst kind of street fighting to me and not a martial art.


  1. There is a strange logical thread running through your random thoughts. Don't bother putting criminals on trial because of the cost which will lead to more random street attacks which will lead to more Taekwondo medals at the next Olympics. Ah, true genius is the ability to join dots, I've always thought so.