Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scouting for Boys

One hears that the Paralympic flame is to be ignited by rubbing two boy scouts together.

Stuart Hazell - 37? Someone is having a laugh! He looks older than me, and I'm 57.

Took out the sump on the Golf yesterday, oil all over the damned place - got to Chipping Sodbury before I noticed the oil light had come on - that's the 2nd time in 3 years I've knackered the sump on a pothole in the drive. The problem is it's an unmade road belonging to the Commons Commissioners and we can't tarmac it. All I can do is put some gravel in the hole, which isn't a permanent solution and lasts only a couple of months at most.


  1. Do they still have Bob-a-job weeks? Come to think of it, it probably isn't allowed any more. If they did you could get them to patch your drive up. They could do it an night after school - they already have the torches.

  2. Whack a bit of cement and water in with your gravel...or use a few of those commons commissioners whatever they are, as ground fill, sounds like they must be common enough.